How slinqs! Ranks Sites

In raking a site, we use a formula. You might have a rought idea of how a site is ranked in a way by reading the following explanation. In anaylzing a site, we collect whois information, the site contents, its update frequency, markup errors, the number of other domains that link to the site, social share volumne, server response speed and user behaviour such as time on site, bounce rate and page views per visit. From there, we use a certain system whereby the sites are ranked and ordered by high index to low index. The weight on the site traffic is a lot but a site can do better by having other metrics higher than other sites with higher traffic.


( ( ( (The number of indexed pages/1000/Markup Errors/10) * Contents Length/1000 ) * User Behaviour/10/(Server Response Speed/1000) + ( Pagerank*Incoming Links) + Social Shares/100 ) ) /Alexa Ranking

A bit of explanation on the formula

We divide the number of indexed pages by 1.000. That number gets divided by the number of markup errors followed by the division by 10.
Once we get the number, we have content length. The content length gets divided by 1.000 and the number calculated before from indexed pages gets multiplied by this number.
The number from that multiplication gets also mutiplied by the sum of user behaviour given by multiplying page views per visit, time on site (seconds) and bounce rate and dividing it by 10. Additionally the number gets divided by the server response speed (seconds).
SEO metrics kick in here. Pagerank and the number of domains that link to the site gets multiplied and gets added to the number from the earlier calculation. To this, we add the total sum of social shares divided by 100.
Finally, the number given by all of these calculations get divided by alexa rank.

What we do when the value is 0

  • We consider 1 if the indexed pages value is 0 or is to be determined.
  • Html markup errors in case of 0 or in case the value has not been obtained, gets set to 1
  • If content length outside the html tags has not got value, we set it to 0.
  • If user behaviour has not got value, its default balue is 15.
  • The value of server response speed gets set to 5 if the site is unreachable or the value has not been obtained yet.
  • No pagerank o pagerank 0 means 1 in the formula.
  • The number of backlinks, too by default is 1.
  • We assign 1.000.000 alexa rank if a site has not got the real value.