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We analyze and review sites by crawling, reaching relevant information such as domain data, contents, traffic data, social status, response speed and seo status. Currently the stats and review of 677963 sites are recrawled, updated and are available to check out.

Internic whois lookup

Whois data and other domain stuff come from here. The domain registration date, expiry date and renewed date and also ip addresses and the server location originate from this source.

Yahoo! keyword extraction

In some languages, we rely on the technology of Yahoo! to extract popular and important keywords whithin a page. In addition, we use it for lookup of the site registration in Yahoo! Directory.

Alexa Ranking

The traffic volume, bounce rate, time on site, pageviews per visit, all the website analytics data is obtained from Alexa. Dmoz directory registration and backlink information can be looked up here, too.

Indexed pages in Google

Search engines crawl and index pages they find. We crawl the search engines to find out about the number of pages indexed about sites. By checking this on a daily basis, we are able to show the historical transition of the index volume of a site.

Markup errors from W3C

For Each site we review, we look up if it has html/css markup errors. We access w3c validator technology to do so. This can be done locally, too.

Accessing twitter account information

If a site has a twitter account, we access Twitter to get the bio, the number of tweets, followers, following etc. We also check how socially shared the site is.

Shares on Google+

We access Google+ to find out about how social popularity of the site.

Facebook shares

Facebook likes, shares, comments are accessed and obtained through Facebook API.

Hatena Bookmark shares and mentions

social mentions and shares on a site are looked up on Hatena Bookmark, too.

Sites with good stats


When evaluating a domain, we take into account, TLD, whois, domain length, server location and domain age.


We analyze sites' frecuency of changes in contents, texts volume, keywords, tag ratio, markup errors and their details and keywords usage on the site and their density


Alexa ranking and user behaviour like page views per visit, time on site and bounce rate are studied. Furthermore, the referral sources are extracted so that one can see from where the site is getting its traffic.


On-page, Off-page metrics are analyzed. When evaluating the SEO aspect, we base on the number of links pointing to the domain and keyword & heading usage.

Social Status

We look for social siginals and shares to determine the popularity of a domain. We cover major social network like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Sites that load lots of files and scripts or sites that respond really fast? We also get response speed on a periodic basis to find out the stability of the server's response.

Similar Sites

By showing similar sites, you get to have a look at how the sites competitors are doing.